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The West Tek Research Facility , colloquially known as The Glow or Great Glow after the Great War , was founded in [1] as the primary biological research installation for West Tek, later expanded to accommodate advanced weapons labs. The Glow can be found eight squares east and twenty-four squares south of Vault Initially divided into two sections, "Advanced Weapons" and "Biomedical Sciences Research", [2] it was the single biggest private contractor of the American federal government by , [3] with its biggest project being the T power armor for use by infantry soldiers on the frontlines.

In , the research facility was secured by a military contingent for fear of international espionage, shortly afterwards, the PVP research was moved to the Mariposa Military Base where experimentation on human subjects would continue. The West Tek Research Facility was destroyed in the nuclear holocaust of During the Great War the surface of the installation took a direct hit from a nuclear warhead which left a gaping hole exposing the subterranean installation, shattering the F. Due to its high radiation, the facility came to be known as the Glow, surrounded by legends among the people of New California.

No permission was given. Allen and his group split away, taking some technology and weapons with them. Allen, together with Soto , Jensen and Camarillo arrived at the Glow after several weeks of travel.

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Upon arrival, they started exploring the ruins, but were promptly chewed apart by security robots and radiation when they breached the lower levels and weren't recognized as authorized personnel. The Brotherhood of Steel used to send unwanted applicants to the Glow on a "fool's quest" , referring to it by the moniker the "Ancient Order" , just to laugh about it later when they ended up dead because of the high amount of radiation in the area. They were quite surprised when one known as the Vault Dweller actually made it back, bringing with him a holodisk that recorded the fate of Allen's expedition, and earning him a place in the Brotherhood.

It is important to note that the Glow, true to its name, is one of the most highly irradiated locations in the Fallout universe. Rumor has it that "all sorts of mutant freaks" guard the technology from before the war, [11] but the radiation is even better at guarding the technology; a few moments' exposure is enough to give a human a lethal dose of rads.

Some time after , some ghoul survivors from Necropolis settled north and west of the Glow, and founded the town of Dayglow , whose inhabitants formed partnerships with scavenging companies from New Adytum and the Hub and have built quite a profitable corporation from their salvage efforts. The surface of the facility has been wiped clean by the nuclear strike, with just a gaping crater where the entrance elevator would be. Hardened armor plating used to provide an additional level of protection for the facility below are visible where the wind has stripped away the sand and rock.

Bodies that surround the crater are all that remains of would-be explorers and are empty. Players should take two doses of Rad-X as soon as they enter the map, as the character starts soaking up radiation the moment they arrive. Party members are not affected by radiation mechanics at all. To enter the facility, players need to use rope on the protruding beam.

Hacking and reading books consumes time off that clock and it's possible to suddenly run out of radiation resistance and promptly absorb enough radiation to keel over and die. The administrative and office level. Players enter it where the entrance elevator would have been. If seeking Sergeant Dennis Allen for the Brotherhood, his body is located in the room just next to the entrance, but to reach it, the player has to circumnavigate the level.

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Most bodies and nearly all lockers contain loot and it's worthwhile to recover them. The room in the northeastern corner has a stuck door which can be opened if the character's ST is 8 or if the sum of their ST, AG and LK is at least Sergeant Allen is the sole body in power armor. On him is a yellow pass key and the Ancient Brotherhood disk required to become an Initiate.

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The sole functioning terminal can be used to turn on emergency power for the facility, which activates the elevator in the southwestern corner that grants access to the lower level. The card disables the electric trap and opens the door, but the player can use Traps and Lockpick to gain access regardless. The second floor includes numerous computer laboratories and tables, as well as the first encounter with a security checkpoint. The robots are deactivated as long as the main power generator for the facility is not turned on and can be destroyed at leisure.

The lockers in the security section contain a variety of loot, as do the bodies.

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The most important item here is the red pass key, on a body in the northeastern chamber, required to access the higher security elevator. A weapons research and development level that doubles as a connection between the upper floors of the facility and the higher security levels below. There's another robot checkpoint here, together with a large stash of weapons in the lockers to the northwest. The red elevator is in the northeast, granting access to two more levels of the facility. The heart of the facility, housing an intact artificial intelligence, ZAX 1. Although effectively an amputee, with his robotic servants inactive, labs destroyed, and sensors mostly burned out, ZAX continued his silent vigil.

Players can chat with him if they have Intelligence 5 and can download numerous files, including power armor specs , West Tek records , and play chess this option was supposed to grant experience on a critical success while performing an Intelligence check; attributes do not generate critical successes, so players can only lose.

Playing chess advances the clock by two hours and doesn't affect ZAX's attitude at all. ZAX may unlock access to the weapons locker by the high security elevator in the west. Failing to do so advances the clock by 5 hours; success only advances it by 10 minutes. The blue pass key is on Charles Ringhold in the southwestern laboratory. There's also a stash of weapons and armor in the storage area to the southeast, beyond the eastern laboratory.

The most secure part of the facility and one that cannot be accessed without turning on the power using the generator on the lower floor. There are two security checkpoints here with active robots unless they were deactivated through ZAX and a plethora of loot in the lockers in the southeastern laboratory, together with a full set of combat armor, energy weapons, and a lot of ammunition. There are also several lore holodisks to collect from the lockers.

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  • Merely entering the level grants experience points for cracking the mystery of the Glow. The deepest floor for military and research personnel, together with the primary power generator. Reactivating the generator requires using Repair on it or a Tool. Reactivating the generator completes the second quest of two associated with the facility the first one, deactivating the traps, cannot be completed and grants experience points on top of unlocking access to level 5 and reactivating all dormant robots.

    Destroying them beforehand is recommended. Notably, one of Dennis Allen's followers lies dead in one of the rooms.

    It is also mentioned in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. Sign In.

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    From The Vault - Fallout Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Fallout location. However, in , this facility was placed under United States military command. Question by adrian.

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